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Why you shouldn’t ‘do-it-yourself’ in washing machine repair?

The amenities and crucial support systems that make everyday chores a pleasure characterize the comfort of your house. In this regard, one of the most important products that can assist you in completing your work efficiently is household appliances. The most significant benefit is the ability to finish the task in the shortest amount of … Why you shouldn’t ‘do-it-yourself’ in washing machine repair? Read More »

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damp proofing protects from rising moisture

How to Dampproof Old Houses in Pretoria East

Damp is an absolute nightmare that can ruin your home in Pretoria. Sometimes, however, this is what happens. You move an old picture or cabinet to a new place within your home, and discover those tell-tale black mould spots and a slightly dampened patch of wall. If only you had spoken to a damp proofing … How to Dampproof Old Houses in Pretoria East Read More »

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low-angle-view-of-electrician-in-gloves-fixing-ele-2021-09-03-07-31-56-utc (1)

5 Reasons to Hire An Electrician

Doing your electrical work yourself has many benefits. You can save money and it is easier than calling an electrician and waiting, plus you can make the decisions. Despite all this, even an experienced DIY electrician can reach a point where they feel it’s necessary to hire a professional. 1. The Equation is Complete with Permits, Inspectors … 5 Reasons to Hire An Electrician Read More »

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Emergency Tree Felling Pretoria

Tree felling is an important part of ensuring the environment is safe for everyone. Continue reading to get a better understanding of tree falling and why it is important for your property. Pretoria Tree Felling is here to help with all your tree-felling needs. Although you may have heard the term “tree felling” many times, … Emergency Tree Felling Pretoria Read More »

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